Cure for the Common Cubicle
September 12, 2014I didn’t realize it at the time but, I needed a cure for the common cubicle! I have known for a very long time that I didn’t like jobs.  I liked the temporary income that
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August 26, 2014As we live our days at sometimes a very harried pace, can we take the time to experience some of the beauty of the world we live in? Every day that we spend on our
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August 19, 2014Mine is! I like to look at the health benefits to any of the things we spend our time doing and for some of us, it is, taking care of our dogs. We take care
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July 29, 2014I know I was for a very long time… we need to eat, that we can’t ignore! With all of the information overload about food choices, I just didn’t know what was safe to feed
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carb blocker
May 10, 2014A natural dietary supplement that blocks carbohydrates There is a fine line between getting a little help when you want to splurge and celebrate at a favorite restaurant or taking a magic bullet to take
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